~ Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition ~

There are two blogs that I read almost everyday.  Young House Love (who I have already mentioned in this post on glass etching) and Bower Power.  What can I say?  I’m a fan.

Over the summer, they issued a challenge to their readers to stop pinning and start doing.   If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, let me enlighten you.  But, reader beware, it is easy to become obsessed!  Pinterest.com is a place where you can create a free account and virtually “pin” inspirations to your virtual “boards.”  It’s an open online community, so you see what other people are pinning and can repin their pins.  I think it’s one of those things that you don’t really “get” until you’ve tried it.  Trust me, you should try it.  :)

So, the challenge is to actually create something from something that you have pinned instead of just manically pinning for months and months without ever actually creating.  (I swear, there were times when I would suddenly realize it was 1 am and I was still on pinterest…I told you, it’s addicting!)  They have decided to issue the challenge again for Fall.  And I, my friends, have chosen to accept this challenge.  You can find their explanation of the challenge here and here.  The Pinterest Challenge reveal is set for November 2nd.  On that day, they will reveal their projects and others can post their own.  Basically, a huge sharing of projects menagerie.  Amazingness.  (The 4 hosts this time around are Sherry, Katie, Ana, and Erin.)

I’m actually currently working on a project now that I was inspired to do via pinterest (blog post to come soon!), but I felt like for it to be a challenge I should do yet another project yet to be decided on.  I plan to choose something that I have pinned from either this board or this board, but I have yet to decide.

So, if you haven’t done it before, check out pinterest and if you want to join in on the fun…join!


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