Shellac Update: Day 7

So, for those of you who have waiting with bated breath for this whole week for this update…here it is!

They are actually holding up quite well.  My only issue that I’ve had with them is that some of the shellac was overlapping on my cuticles.  It wasn’t a big deal at first, but as it started to grow out slightly, those overlapping parts started to curl up a bit since they weren’t attached to the nail.  Kinda gross to think about actually.  Anyway, I resisted the urge to peel these and used a nail file to carefully file down any shellac that started to peel.  This seemed to work well.

I did have one instance where my urge to peel got the best of me and there wasn’t a file around…oops.  Luckily, it’s just one pinky and since the color is pretty natural, you can’t really tell.

Interestingly, my right hand (which probably gets the most abuse since I’m right handed) looks great!

I will mention that I have been slightly more cautious to protect my investment like using rubber gloves when I cleaned the kitchen sink with Comet (don’t judge, but I usually just bare hand it…ya, I know it’s probably not good for my skin or body to touch cleaner, but oh well).  But, I’ve still been washing all the dishes with bare hands and taking showers (yup…I shower ;)) and everything, so I haven’t been too careful.

The guy who did my nails, Max (not to be confused with my brother, Max), said that it is perfectly fine to file the shellac, so if I get sick of them being too long as they grow out more I can file the ends.  He mentioned to just be sure that I kept the file perpendicular to the nail so I don’t scratch the top surface.

Overall, I’m liking the shellac.  I’m don’t think it’s something I’ll keep up considering how expensive it is and considering the fact that I don’t have a job that is actually making money (I’m not jobless…I’m a blographer, as Dane calls me ;)), but I could see getting it done for my wedding.  One thing I might ask though is to be sure they don’t get it on my cuticles next time.  Anyone from my hometown in Cali know of someone that does a really good job at the gel/shellac?

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