Shellac Update: Day 14

This little shellac nails thing is becoming kind of a science experiment to me.  Surprisingly, all of the tips of my nails are still in perfect condition, which boggles my mind.  Is this some kind of witchcraft?  I just don’t even know what to think anymore.  But, I really want to know how long these babies will last.  Max did say 14-21 days after all.  (In case you missed the last update…Max is the Italian man that did my nails.)

I’m not too keen on how long my nails have become…I think of them as “lovely lady nails”…as in from the late 90s…as in too long.  Close up, you can really tell that they are starting to grow out.

But, from far away, they aren’t too bad, right?  Like a Monet…not so pretty close up, but nice from far away.

Part of me can’t wait to soak these puppies in acetone and scrape it all off…we’ll see how long it lasts.

Did anyone else realize that today is the Ides of March?  As in…Beware the Ides of March??  Ok…maybe I’m the only nerd out there…but, just beware, ok?  Especially if your name is Julius Caesar. 😉

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