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I got a call from my sister yesterday.  She was not happy.  She had a complaint about my website.  Ok, she really wasn’t that upset, but it’s fun to make it a little more dramatic, right?  She was trying to make my Mom’s Chili  and had a hard time finding the recipe.  Dane (aka, my webmaster) has been trying to get some kind of a search bar in the sidebar to work, but it hasn’t been easy going (apparently coding isn’t as easy as it sounds 😉 ).

So, in place of that, bella carina now has a recipe index!  Yay!  You can find it in the menu bar under “recipes”…catchy, I know.  😉  For now, it’s pretty simple.  Things are divided into Savory and Sweet.  So, hopefully that makes things a little easier for everyone!

You can also use the drop down menus in the sidebar for Categories and Archives to find any other posts that you choose to revisit.  This little blog of mine is a work in progress and I’m always trying to make it better!


PS:  WordPress failed me last night and my post for this morning that I finished last night didn’t save…booo!  So, I apologize.  I’ll have a post up soon!  Smooches!

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2 Responses to New Recipe Index

  1. Good call starting this early! I wish I had!

    • karen says:

      I was thinking that! Because it didn’t take long to get these together, but it would be a daunting task if there were a lot more! I was thinking I should start a projects list as well before it gets too out of control!


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