It’s a beautiful day in Ohio

Rare words to speak the title of this post is. I’m not a very good star wars fan, but that’s my poor attempt at a yoda impersonation…I apologize.

This instagram photo was taken in my very own front yard…beautiful, no?

Since it was such a lovely day, Roman and I did the only rational thing…we took a walk! Please ignore my pasty white legs…I was excited to be able to show some skin and not have it freeze!

And when we finished our walk we decided it was such a nice day that we’d chillax on the porch for a bit.

Isn’t my dog cute? And he takes his chillaxing seriously, people. Haha

This whole enjoy-the-good-weather days thing would’ve been hard for me to understand 18 months ago, but when you live in a place that will shortly become a steaming hot jungle environment, ya gots to take advantage of the no humidity mild days. Today, I like Ohio and I’m going to miss it. Ask me again tomorrow and you might get a different answer. πŸ˜‰

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