I got Shellacked!

I think it’s just one of those things…

Now that I have a sparkly ring on a specific finger on my left hand, I always feel the need to have my nails not looking like complete garbage.  I got my nails done for our engagement party that my parents threw for us at the beginning of February.  That polish had chipped and was subsequently meticulously peeled off by me, myself, and I within less than a week…ok, maybe 3 days.  Then I had bare nails for a few weeks here and then I gave myself a manicure a few days ago.

I filed my nails nicely and even did the whole base coat, two coats, top coat deal, which led to Dane asking me why I was doing my nails “all the time” lately.  😉  Within 2 days it was already chipping and I had gotten to peeling.  It’s like the screen cover on your phone, ya know?  You can leave it alone for a while, but once you see an edge start to peel up, you get that overwhelming need to peel the whole darn thing off.  Is that just me?  Anyway, I had been wanting to try the whole “gel” or “shellac” sensation that all the kids are talking about and now seemed like a great time.  A couple girlfriends and I went to get our nails done and I went for it.  $38 plus tax and tip later my nails looked like this.

Day One:

So far so good!  Max (the guy who did my nails…first time I ever had an Italian man do my nails b-t-dub) told me that it will last 14-21 days.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’m hoping I like it, so I can get it done for the wedding and have fantabulous nails for our whole honeymoon…fingers crossed!

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