Quick Tips: Cleaning Your Sponges

Every once in a while, when I’m cleaning my house or sewing or just living life in general, I come across something that I think might be worth sharing to the masses (or the fews considering the amount of people who read my blog ;)).  A lot of times, I’ll decide not to share something with you all based solely on the fact that I think it is likely common knowledge.  But, then I started to think…all these quick tips that I use in my daily life weren’t always in my brain, I had to have picked them up somewhere along the way.  So, just in case these might be of use to someone somewhere…here ya go!

Today’s quick tip is about cleaning your sponges.  Sponges, in general, are usually homes to all kinds of nasty bacteria and what not, but I still like using them to clean my dishes.  So, when I picked this tip up somewhere along the way, I thought it was great.  Each time you run your dishwasher, wash your sponges, too!

They come out smelling good and sanitized…both good things.  :)  And this way, you are able to get a lot more time out of each sponge, which saves you moolah in the end…yay for moolah saving!

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