Makin’ the Bed

I like when the sheets on the bed are nice and tight…I’m talking like hospital corners tight.  If I had it my way, I’d have to squeeze my way under the covers every night, but my crazy, thrasher sleeper of a fiance has other plans and our bed usually has all kinds of not-so-tight sheets.  But, when I clean the sheets and get to make the bed fresh, I make sure that the bed is made the way I like it.  I also like when the fitted sheet is nice and taught…as if it were a trampoline and you could bounce a quarter off of it.  So, here’s the way I make my bed in case any one of you also like a nice, taught fitted sheet.

This is how I like my fitted sheet to look.

To get there, this is what I do.  1) Start by simply getting the fitted sheet over all the corners of the bed.  Sloppy looking, huh?  2a) Next, pull the sheet taught on one of the corners and pull the fitted portion of the sheet up.  2b) Here’s another angle of pulling the sheet taught.  3)  Keeping your left hand where it is (the very corner of the bed), flip the fitted portion of the sheet down and tuck it under the mattress.

Viola!  Nice tight corner!

Be sure to do this to each corner of the bed.  This is one of those little tricks that I’ve picked up along the way and thought it might be worth sharing.  😉

This might be a good time to let you know about the sheets that I love.  First, I always be sure to buy the “deep pocket” sheets that fit mattresses up to 18 inches deep.  This set of sheets is at least a couple years old and it’s the Target Home collection.  I bought them because they were inexpensive (especially since they were on sale) and they were highly rated through Consumer Reports (I think they were rated number 1…that’s above much more expensive brands like Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and Wamsutta).  I am definitely a snob when it comes to sheets.  I like them to be soft…I cannot stand scratchy sheets!

After a little research on Target’s website, it doesn’t seem like they are selling these sheets anymore (the highest thread count they show for Target Home sheets is 325 and I’m sure these were closer to 600 thread count), boo!  But, I think it would be a safe bet to go with one of the higher end Target brands like these Fieldcrest sheets (which happen to be on sale as of today!).  Sheets are definitely one of those items where quality is important, so I always wait until I find them on sale.  Dane and I also sleep with a whole bunch of pillows, so I’m sure to buy extra pillow cases as well. :)

Moving along with making the bed, now we’re at the flat sheet.  I spread the sheet over the top of the bed and then tuck the end under the length of the mattress.

There should be a good amount of sheet hanging over the edge (especially if you buy the deep pocket sheets).

Now I tuck that part under the mattress.  Kinda like wrapping a present…but the bed is the gift. 😉  Also, tuck any extra sheet along the long edge under the mattress as well.  See?  Nice and tight…aka hospital corners. :)

Then, I top my bed with a duvet.  I love how down keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  That is of course, when Dane hasn’t stolen the duvet from me in the middle of the night. 😉

I just bought this white duvet cover (from Target on sale of course)…more to come on that later.  But, I LOVE it and cannot wait until I get to paint the walls of our new bedroom in Virginia!

I will miss our floral vinyl decal though…I wish I knew a way to take it back down and re-stick it in the new place.  I’m also looking forward to some new bed side tables once we get settled in to our new home…this guy isn’t exactly doing our bedroom decor any favors…but it does make a great stand for our humidifier (I don’t know how we survived last winter without one!) and it was free…so, can’t complain too much!

Here’s one of my inspiration photos for our new bedroom.  (Are you seeing where my white duvet cover will come into play?)

{pinterest link to image found here.  Let me know if you know where the original image is from!}

Now that I have the duvet, all we need is…well…everything else.  Humph.  The new house will definitely be decorated in baby steps!

Anyone else like their sheets to be nice and tight?  Maybe you’re a thrasher sleeper like my fiance and you don’t really care that much?


PS:  Happy Birthday to one of my very bestest friends, Jenna!  She’s the one who told me this bed making tip is worth sharing. 😉  Love ya!

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  1. Eileen C says:

    It looks like the image came from HGTV’s “Rate My Space”.

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