Deck Garden Update

I figured it’s been a couple weeks so it’s about time for a veggie garden update! Get excited!  Here’s a link to the post where I talk all about how to plant your own deck garden.

Our Roma tomato plant is pretty much killin’ it, which is great.  No fruit yet, but I have faith. 20120606-124456.jpgRemember how tiny this guy was when I planted him?  They grow up so fast…{tear}.

Our patio tomato plant is also doing well.  It even has some budding flowers!  And budding flowers today mean tomatoes tomorrow!

Oddly enough, we are managing to grow some vegetables fungi that we did not intend to. This is a first for us. Cute little guys, but there’s no way I’m eating magic shrooms I found in my garden!

The red bell pepper plant is not doing as well. Poor guy was ruthlessly attacked by some sort of garden pest. I thought I found an aphid under one of the leaves, but after some googling it seems that this might be the work of slugs…eeewww. I bought some organic insecticidal soap from Home Depot and sprayed the heck out of it. I’ve seen some improvement so I hope it works!

I finally got around to planting the basil and cilantro as well. They seem to be doing just fine. :)

How are your gardens doing?  I know a couple friends that already have some good crops!  Hoping my tomatoes get here soon!

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