Quick and Easy Christmas Center Piece

Hosting a Christmas party and need a quick center piece?  This is for you!

I already had a huge hurricane with a candle as a center piece for our dining table.

I bought both at Ikea last Spring when we hosted Easter dinner for a few of our friends here in Dayton.  The glass hurricane is called Blomster and it’s $14.99.  I love the etched glass detailing.  For Easter, I tossed a bag full of those cheapy plastic colorful eggs in without the candle and thought it was playful and cute.

Then, when the Easter festivities had ended, I knew our cork collection and a large pillar candle would be great and neutral for summer and fall (we worked hard to earn every one of those corks, btw! haha).  **Note, we never actually light the candle, and I wouldn’t recommend it without some extra precautions.

So, when I found these awesome plastic ball ornaments in the dollar section at Target, I knew they would be the perfect way to add some holiday cheer to our dining table (which we usually use as a dropping off point for all kinds of things from mail to purses.  We usually eat dinner in front of the TV like normal people…haha).

First, I took out the candle and dumped all the corks into a gallon ziplock for safe keeping (these will be used again…like I said, lots of hard work (and drinking) went into these!).

Then, I put the candle back in.

And put all of the ornaments in the hurricane.

Ta da!  Instant holiday cheer!

And from the top…

I love the little pops of glitter…

This would also look cute with a holiday colored candle.  Or if you want to go sans candle, you can just buy more ornaments and fill this baby up!

I realize that this isn’t ground breaking, but I figured I’d share anyway.  Happy holidays!

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