Better than buying pine air fresheners…

I made the hour long drive to Costco a couple days ago to pick up our holiday cards (I’ll give you all a peak at those soon!) and while I was there I came across this 28 inch pine wreath for just under $10!

Which is a steal compared to the ones I saw at Target and Kroger.   At first, I wasn’t too sure about the bursts of yellow pines needles and the green and red apple accents, but they are growing on me.  And it smells amazing.  Which was much needed in our home since we went with a fake Christmas tree this year.

We didn’t have a wreath hanger, so Dane jimmy rigged an old wire hanger which worked out perfectly!  I love it hanging in the center of our huge mirror in our entry way.

How do you feel able the unorthodox apple accents?  Find any good deals on a real pine wreath in your area?

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