~ All Hallows Eve 2011 ~

Good times were had by all here at House of DK this Halloween.  We got a good amount of trick-or-treaters and Dane only managed to accidentally scare one three year old girl when he didn’t get his werewolf mask off fast enough (she was dressed as a “Cinderelly”).  Her smile quickly returned  when she asked how much candy she could have and Dane told her “a handful.” :)  Here’s the loot.

We had this plastic planter box in the garage that we had meant to turn into an herb garden.  That didn’t quite happen this year, so it became our candy bin.

Moving along, I dressed as a black cat (I scored the costume for under $4 on sale at Jo-Ann in late September), Dane found a creepy werewolf mask in our tub-o-Halloween costumes, and Roman was the same thing he is every year, a jack-o-lantern.  And let me tell you, he LOVES wearing his costume as shown here.

Can’t you see the excitement in his eyes?  lol

Here’s me and my favorite pup.

So proud of him for actually looking at the camera and not melting down into a pile of fur on the floor like he usually does.

Here’s a picture of Dane trying to get a “two dogs hallowing” pic…Roman wasn’t really cooperating.

I had to get a pic of me and my trick-or-treat sign.  You can see the tutorial on how to make your own here.

And here I am looking very frightened by the mean and scary werewolf.

Overall, we had a very good Halloween.  :)

How was your holiday?  Did anyone accidentally frighten any small cute children?


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  1. Super cute cat costume!!:)

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