~ Pumpkin carving isn’t only for the kiddos ~

Dane and I had another couple, Josh & Crystal, over last night to carve pumpkins and let me tell you, it was a wild party…ok, it was less “wild” and more just good times.  😉

Dane and I decided to only carve one pumpkin this year and we went with Horton, the slightly goofy, slightly scary stepchild of jack-o-lanterns.  In case you weren’t sure which one was ours after that description, it’s the handsome fellow on the right.

My personal favorite of the night was Crystal’s pumpkin, the Dia de los Muertos style skull…very cool.  Josh’s sombrero wearing gentleman will look very appropriate on their porch next to the skull.

For the astute observer, you may have noticed that there are a couple non-pumpkin imposters in the photo.  On either end of the three amigos, I placed my Halloween tins that I found at Target in the dollar section (actually, they were $2.50 each…sneaky Target).  I also grabbed some of those flickering battery powered tea lights at the dollar store (they were in a 3 pack).  The tins appear to be painted inside and out, so since I always put safety first, I decided an open flame could turn disastrous and went with the battery tea lights.  I was pleasantly surprised by how natural the battery powered jobbies (that’s a technical term) actually looked!

Anyone else have a fun mini pumpkin carving party?  What do you think of Horton?  Find any awesome and inexpensive Halloween decor in the dollar/two fifty section at Target?

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