~ Super Yummy Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich ~

The fastest way for me to drop some LBs is to count calories.  I really don’t like counting calories, but I can’t deny that it’s a method that works.  One of my favorite low cal breakfasts that I make that actually tastes good too is my 185 calorie version of an Egg McMuffin.

One of the things I like about real Egg McMuffins is how the yolk stays whole.  To replicate this, I cook my egg in the microwave.  I use butter flavored non-stick cooking spray to help the egg come out easily and as an added bonus it’s zero calories.  Yippee!

Get your egg, your spray, and a coffee mug.

Spray the bottom of the mug with the cooking spray.  Then crack your egg directly into the cup.  Make sure you don’t break the yolk.

Put the mug in the microwave and cover it.  I have one of these plastic microwave cover jobbies.

Or you can use a coffee filter.  If your don’t have coffee filters in your house, I don’t know if we can be friends.  jk  😉

My microwave is only 900 watts (that’s not very powerful), so I microwave it for a minute on full power to get a hard cooked egg.  Adjust your cook time accordingly.  Now, here’s the thing…when it’s cooking it makes popping noises…like loud ones.  I swear this is normal!  Sometimes you might find that a little bit of the egg white has exploded out into the microwave, but I feel like it’s a small price to pay for an egg that’s cooked in a minute flat.

Once it’s cooked (and you’ve recovered from the scare of the popping noises) just tip the mug over and your egg will drop right out.  If all you wanted was a no added calories egg, then you’re done after you add a little salt and pep.  (A large egg is 75 calories, btw.)

Now, if you want to make the open faced sandwich that I make, you should prep everything before you cook the egg.  First, I toast a piece of bread (I buy Aunt Millie’s 35 calorie a slice kind).

I like to add a little zero calorie butter flavor with spray butter.  Don’t judge…every calorie counts!

Heat up a piece of canadian bacon (it’s usually already fully cooked) either in the microwave if you’re in a hurry, or pan fry it.  I just tossed these straight into the pan without any spray.  (I made some extra for Dane this morning.  I only use one and they are 15 calories a slice.)

Then, I put a piece of canadian bacon on the toasted bread along with a piece of reduced fat cheese and pop it in the toaster oven just until the cheese is melted.  (Sometimes I use reduced fat shredded cheddar.  I used a slice of reduced fat american cheese this time, which is 60 calories.)

Once the cheese is melted and your egg is cooked, tip the mug and let the egg fall onto the cheese.  Top with salt and pep and Voila!  The Egg McMuffin’s healthier, slimmer, 185-calorie cousin!

Here’s the caloric breakdown:

  • 1 piece of light bread (35 calories)
  • 1 piece of canadian bacon (15 calories)
  • 1 piece of reduced fat cheese (60 calories)
  • 1 large egg (75 calories)

Total calories: 185.  A yummier, healthier breakfast alternative…priceless!

Lately, my calorie counting has been…well…non-existent.  I’m hoping this post will motivate me to get back in the game!  Anyone else have any good luck with counting calories and food journaling?



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2 Responses to ~ Super Yummy Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich ~

  1. Allie says:

    I make one of these every single day for bfast before work. I use the 100 Calorie Deli Flats though, one piece of ham, one egg white, and half a piece of reduced fat pepper jack cheese. Comes out to like 160 calories. Cant beat it.

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