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A rainy day update…

I was reading somewhere a while ago about how there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there…many of which have one or two posts and then are abandoned and long since forgotten. I’m sure that the creators of these … Continue reading

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Twenty Pounds

I know that I’ve mentioned here and there that I count calories. I guess this seems directly disproportional to many of my other blog posts that revolve around all kinds of bad for you goodness, but like many people, I’m … Continue reading

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Wine tasting, graduating, showering, partying

So, the title of this post explains everything and nothing all at the same time. 😉 If you were wondering where I’ve been for the past couple weeks, you came to the right place to find your answers. I was … Continue reading

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Boxes and furniture building

That sums up my life right now…we made an Ikea run last weekend and so we’ve been doing quite a bit of switching back and forth between unpacking and building Swedish furniture. That’s one of the bedside tables that is … Continue reading

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